Very resistant to bad weather, the enamel paint can be solvent-based or water-based.

It is excellent for improving the finish of some surfaces, such as metal and
wood. Found in matte, satin or high gloss finishes.
After drying, the enamel paint creates a film on the application site, creating a
kind of protective layer. But, it is important to pay attention to the drying
time. Solvent-based nail polishes take longer to dry and have a strong smell,
unlike those with water-based nail polish.
Now that we know the main types of paint, let’s explore their main finishes.
To choose the ideal finish, two factors must be taken into account. The first is
personal choice. Afterwards, it’s good to know which type is the most suitable
for each task. That said, let’s go to the most popular ones. The satin finish has
two main advantages: easier cleaning and greater wear resistance. It can be
used on walls, baseboards, doors and other surfaces. This finish leaves
everything with a light glossy touch.
Although they are easier to mark than matte finishes, satin finish surfaces last
longer. Because of this and because it is easier to clean, this type of finish is
suitable for frequently used spaces. Exterior painting contractor newton