This one has four stars … but someone said it was dirty.

Roswell best Italian restaurants
Considering that travelers can decide where to go from apps
like Foursquare and Trip Advisor – or wherever it is closest to the hotel – the
review sites today are so comprehensive and offer so many opinions, that we
often don’t know what to do with so much information and we are even more
In addition, we have become so obsessed with making the best possible choice
that we often forget some of the trial and error strategies that have attracted
many travelers on memorable dining experiences around the world. After all,
adventuring is also part of the traveling experience.
Use the “DPS” method to find the Best Restaurants during your travels and
enjoy your meals with economy, quality and authenticity. During the process of
choosing the best restaurants, it is easy to be attracted to read reviews about
dozens of restaurants. This other one has five stars … but only two
comments. The app also recommends a third restaurant … but, some people
are only giving it three stars. How not to go crazy?