Once you understand the city, you will find your beach.

And on its beach you will discover the restaurants that are just like
you. Guides: Frommer’s and Lonely Planet are not usually good
sources of restaurant tips. When the restaurant is lucky enough to

make it onto the lists of these guides, it ends up being so tourist-
oriented that it usually loses its personality. (Not to mention that the

quality of the authors of these series varies a lot.) Time Out, on the
other hand, is a consistent source of cool tips — sometimes too
cool. My advice: separate the Time Out restaurant tips that you find
nice and try to get past them on your wanderings; live you decide if you
want to come back at dinner time…
Good italians restaurants in alpharetta
TripAdvisor: use
sparingly; rankings reflect average Anglo-American tastes. But a good
tactic is to use the local version (tripadvisor.it, tripadvisor.fr), looking for
reviews made by locals, in the language of the country. I did it in Italy
and I did very well. (If needed, use Google translator.) Local
newspaper magazines/supplements are the best source for news or to
find out which part of the city is really hot at the moment.