Offer a good experience for your customer from cleaning.

We know that whoever owns a restaurant always wants to be better
and evolve, that’s why Saipos prepared this text to help you increase
the quality of your establishment. Appearance is the first thing the
customer will look at in your establishment, so it is one of the qualities
of a restaurant.
Make sure your environment is clean and organized to receive the
public. The lack of hygiene is one of the customer’s
dissatisfactions. Don’t fool around!
Nobody likes to eat in a dirty or disorganized place, especially if you
are still learning how to open a restaurant .
Take this as one of the qualities of a restaurant and thus win a larger
number of customers.
Eating in a restaurant has become an experience for a lot of people
and an open kitchen will do just fine.
You don’t have to open your kitchen, but if you are just starting out or
want to innovate, this is a good tip.
Environments like this will add a lot of value to your restaurant, as it is
a way to interact with the customer and show how everything is
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