Mechanical Protection

Electric motors must be protected both for operation of service personnel and against external influences damaging to the motor itself, and must comply with safety, accident and fire prevention requirements. Basically the mechanical protections fall into three categories:

– Drip and splash-proof motor – all rotating parts, which are under tension, are protected against dripping water coming from all directions coxreels 112wl-1-100 , not allowing the direct or indirect entry of drops or particles of liquids or solid objects that spill or fall on the engine.

– Fully enclosed engine – This type of engine is so enclosed and sealed that there is no exchange of the refrigerant medium between the outside and the inside of the enclosure, and is not necessarily watertight. Depending on the characteristics required, such motors may or may not have a fan for cooling.

– Explosion-proof motor – They are motors made for service in environments saturated with gases and dust, susceptible to the danger of rapid ignition, and can not cause the ignition either by means of spark or by high heating.

Its enclosure resists gas explosions or explosive mixtures inside, and prevents a surrounding flammable atmosphere from being ignited.