Italian food in restaurants

And yet I wonder what authenticity is and what really matters? Italians are, of course,
enthusiastic about their food culture and are always prepared to punish a stranger for not
erishing the right combinations or sequences of flavors. The salad always comes at the
entrance – never before. Pasta and soup fill the same space in food, so you eat one or the other
and not both. Plum tomatoes are for pasta sauce, balls of tomatoes are for salad. And so on, a
dizzying series of rules and regulations on how you make a living. But I keep wondering: what is
the meaning of authenticity?
Italian food and flavors changed dramatically after 1492 with the influx of New World fruits
and vegetables – tomatoes, corn, beans, peppers, potatoes – that were gradually integrated
over four centuries of horticulture and cooking and are at the heart of the current version of
Italian food. If we wanted to be really authentic with Italian food, should we not exterminate
all invasive species? Doesn’t tomato sauce and poleent make it inauthential? The best italian restaurant in alpharetta georgia