It doesn’t just involve choosing the color, a few things must be considered.

Painting service interior
So take a look at these tips: There are many types of paint on the market, those
who are not very knowledgeable can get confused easily. An outdoor paint can
work indoors, but not the other way around. On the market, we find acrylic, latex
or PVA paints, oil, enamel, varnish and epoxy. Each one has its specific use and type
of finish. In damp environments such as kitchen and bathroom and outdoor
environments it is recommended to use acrylic paint, which is more resistant to
In indoor environments without humidity, latex paint is recommended, which is
cheaper than acrylic, but resistant. Because it is water-based, it dries faster and has
a milder odor.
Consider the materials:
For tiles and plastics, the most suitable paint is epoxy. They are used in kitchens
and bathrooms due to their waterproofing, durability and resistance.
For metals, enamel, oil or automotive paints are more suitable, due to their
chemical composition and faster drying. And before painting metals it is necessary
to remove all rust and any traces of oil or grease.