Home Paints: Do You Know Everyone? Discover Now!

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Types of paint are defined by their composition, which determines which type of surface each
is indicated for.
There are types of paint recommended only for internal walls, others for environments with
more humidity and even those that have no smell, ideal for quick renovations.
Faced with so many options of types of paint it is common to be in doubt when choosing. If
you still don’t know what type of paint to use for each project, don’t worry!
In today’s post, we’ll show you types of paint and their indications. Follow us!
What are the types of wall paint? See the 6 most used options
Latex PVA
Acrylic paint
Washable Ink
Epoxy Paint
Odorless Ink
Synthetic enamel
Types of wall paint (photo: doityourself.com)
Types of wall paint (photo: doityourself.com)
Latex PVA
Let’s start our list of paint types by talking about PVA Latex.
It is soluble in water and has no strong smell. Easy to apply, Latex PVA paint is fast drying.