The electric motor of direct current is a machine capable of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy (generator) or electrical energy Gates BX32 Tri-Power Belts into mechanics (motor). The electric power supplied today in the distribution and transportation of it is alternating current, but DC motors have undoubtedly great applications in industries.

The parts constituting the electric motor of direct current are the rotor, which is the rotating part, is mounted on the axis of the machine, made of a ferromagnetic material wrapped in a winding called armature winding and the switch ring. The commutator ring is responsible for the correct reversal of the direction of the currents circulating in the armature winding composed of a ring of conductive material segmented by an insulating material to close the circuit between each of the coils of the armature winding and the brushes at the right time.

The stator is the static part of the machine, mounted around the rotor, so that it can rotate internally. It is also made of ferromagnetic material, wrapped in a low-power winding called field winding, which has the sole function of producing a fixed magnetic field to interact with the field of the armature.